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Entry Requirements

  • The candidate should hold a Bachelor of Science degree in Chemistry or Biology or other related fields or a qualification deemed by the Programme Committee to be equivalent. Candidates having relevant professional experience may be admitted at the discretion of the Programme Director.

  • The candidate must have an accumulated grade point average of at least 2.50 or have professional experience in forensic science.

  • The candidate must have a minimum English proficiency score from authorized test centers which are certified by the Faculty of Graduate Studies, Mahidol University. Those who do not have any of the test scores specified above will have to take the English Proficiency Examination of the Faculty of Graduate Studies on the specified examination day.
    "English Language Proficiency Requirements"

  • The candidate must not have a criminal record. If convicted of a crime during the time of study, the candidate will be expelled.

  • If the qualification does not satisfy the admission criteria, the candidate must obtain an approved and signed “Request Form" for examination from the programme director.
  • NOTE: Exemption from the above conditions may be granted by the Programme Committee under exceptional circumstances.
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"The activities of the programme also support and
develop fundamental research in forensic science."