Entry Requirements

     1. The candidate should hold a Bachelor of Science degree in Chemistry or Biology or other related fields or a qualification deemed by the Programme Committee to be equivalent. Candidates having relevant professional experience may be admitted at the discretion of the Programme Director.

     2. The candidate must have an accumulated grade point average of at least 2.50 or have professional experience in forensic science.

     3. The candidate must have a TOEFL ITP score of at least 480, TOEFL internet-based score of 54, or IELTS score of 5 or MU GRAD TEST score of 60. Those who do not have any of the test scores specified above will have to take the English Proficiency Examination of the Faculty of Graduate Studies on the specified examination day.

     4. The candidate must not have a criminal record. If convicted of a crime during the time of study, the candidate will be expelled.

     5. If the qualification does not satisfy the admission criteria, the candidate must obtain an approved and signed “Request Form" for Examination” from the programme director.

NOTE: Exemption from the above conditions may be granted by the Programme Committee under exceptional Circumstances

Admission Process

     Admission schedule would be according to the Faculty of Graduate Studies. Application form and related documents (transcript, degree certificate, a copy of national ID. card, a copy of passport, etc) must be submitted via online system.

Note : Foreign applications to the M.Sc. Forensic Science International Programme must be submit before the end of January. First semester starts around the third week of May.


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Tuition Fee (Update 15 June 2018)



M.Sc. Programme

Full Tuition Fee

Partial Tuition Fee


Partial Tuition Fee


1. University Fee
- 1st Semester
- 2nd Semester

per Semester


2. Health Insurance (Non-Thai student)

per Year




3. Graduate Tuition
(Approx. 24 credits)

per Credit

(24 × 9,000
= 216,000.00)

(24 × 5,000
= 120,000.00)

(24 × 3,000
= 72,000.00)

4. Thesis Registration

One Payment




5. Research Supplies Fee

See Note




Estimated Cost (THB)





a Partial Tuition Fee I applies to Thai students supported by scholarship.
b Partial Tuition Fee II applies to Thai students without scholarship.
* Graduate tuition and research supplies fee partially supported by scholarship.
The tuition fee is subject to change without prior notice and can vary because of exchange rates.


1. One payment of 150,000.00 Baht research fee is applied to student eligible for tuition I and II.

2. Research supplies fee 80,000.00 Baht is made in 2th semester of the first year of study. An addition of 10,000.00 Baht/semester of research supplies fee is applied to students eligible for tuition fee III from the 2nd semester of the 2nd year of study, until thesis is complete and the students have graduated.

(Visit: Faculty of Graduate Studies)

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Student Facilities

Student Room

     Work space and computer facilities are provided in the Forensic Science Student room. Internet can be access through Local Area Network (LAN) and Wireless LAN.


     - Stang Monkolsuk Library, Faculty of Science has over 20,000 textbooks and 150 international printed journals in Science and Technology including Forensic Science. Students can also access to online services which include electronic journals and databases. Furthermore, multimedia center provides CD, VDO to facilitate student’s learning and research activities.

     - Central Library, Mahidol University (Salaya Campus) provides more than 400,000 textbooks and 20,000 journals in Science, Technology, Social Science, Medicine, etc. which are available for student’s research and activities.

     - Other libraries in Mahidol University also have resources relating to Forensic Science which can be borrowed. Interlibrary loan service is available in order to borrow resources between libraries.


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(Update 16 August 2018)

  • The 60th Year Supreme Reign of His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej (For Thai student)**
  • Mahidol Postgraduate Partial Scholarship (For International student)**
  • Partial Thesis Scholarships
  • Thesis Scholarships
  • Scholarships for Graduate Research Presentations at National Level Seminars
  • Graduate Loans
  • Institutional Strengthening Program, Faculty of Science
  • The Australian Federal Police (AFP) - Australian Embassy Scholarships
    ** To be announced

(Visit: Faculty of Graduate Studies)

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